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About Magdalena

My Philosophy

As an intuitive guide, I can help you connect with your higher self so you can live the fulfilling life you deserve. My readings are down-to-earth, clear, and practical. Together, we explore where your fears and blocks lie, as well as your wonderful talents and gifts.

I help my clients gain more clarity about the changes they need to make and take responsibility for their own healing or transformation. You will learn your aura colors, animal totem, crystals that are beneficial to you, which chakras are imbalanced, blockages in your bloodline (ancestors), and past lives. I share the lessons you are meant to learn in this lifetime. You will receive various messages related to your life and perhaps physical imbalances in your organs or calling from the spirits of your deceased loved ones. 

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Education and Certifications

Galati, Romania

Glendale, WI

Cornwall, UK

Fast Track Technique practitioner- 2014- with Jaz Goven, (based in Thailand) Level 1,2 and 3 -“How... to identify and release mental, emotional and physical blocks, being stored in your subconscious.”

Angelic Reiki practitioner,2013
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

New York, NY

Item Subtitle

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My Specialty

Sound Healing

Space Clearing

Intuitive Readings

Anger Release

Chakra Balancing


Akashic Readings

Inner-Child Reconnection

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