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Intuitive Guide & Sound Healing Practitioner

As a professional psychic reader, I have been blessed with unique abilities that allow me to help others on their own path to self-discovery, happiness, and love. I am here to help you. Together we will journey into your past, current, and future issues to find the answers you are looking for. I would be honored to guide you through your serene and cleansing experience.

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  • An hour reading to guide you on a path of joy and happiness.

    70 US dollars
  • Virtual energy healing to support relaxation & reduce stress.

    75 US dollars
  • Guided music session to improve physical and emotional health.

    75 US dollars
  • Cleanse and balance your physical environment to promote abundance.

    Depends on SQ FT
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About Me

I am Magdalena, the founder of Energy of Joy. Clients come to me from all over the world and we work in person, in groups, or remotely. My goal is to help them release, understand, and transcend their fears, anger, anxiety, sadness, and trauma so that they can finally free themselves from their past burdens and live their lives with more joy and passion. I have help them to gain more clarity, find answers to their questions, raise their vibration, activate their own inner healing mechanisms, and reconnect with their purpose.

Let go, accept "what is" and heal.

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Magdalena has been gifted with the ability to heal people on a deep spiritual level. She is able to look deep into your soul, remove blockages and helps you with profound practical insights so you can take the next steps on your life journey!'

Raf Adams, Belgium 
Author of The Suited Monk


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